Beyond Data Literacy in Engineering Education

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Samira Khodaei, Mihail Padev, Anas Abdelrazeq, Ingrid Isenhardt


Data literacy is a key ingredient for engineering education [1]. Through digitaltransformation, more data are generated in different scientific fields that will be interpreted. As a highly applicable scientific field, mechanical engineering is predestined to integrate data literacy into the higher education curriculum [2]. However, current frameworks rarely consider ethical questions, agency, and media influences to data [3] . As media and data are closely connected, it is valuable for both literacy framework approaches and researchers to consider each other and enhance their models from one another. Formally, the German Media Science Association has addressed current fallacies in educational policies founded on data literacy frameworks [3]. This contribution aims to incorporate the debate from media educators into the definition of data literacy. Additionally, other emerging literacy frameworks will be considered. In our method, a literature review, current literacies will be discussed inorder to introduce the concept of literacy circles. Through this approach, an enhanced data literacy definition will consider frameworks beyond the computer science and engineering field.


Data Ethics, Data Literacy


media literacy, data literacy, ethics, interdisciplinary research


Published: 2023-01-24 08:32

Last Updated: 2023-01-24 09:32


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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