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Matching Data Life Cycle and Research Processes in Engineering Sciences

Tobias Hamann M.Sc., Michèle Robrecht, Max Leo Wawer, et al.

2024-06-20   Data Governance, Data Infrastructure, Data Literacy, Data Management Software

Research data management (RDM) has become increasingly significant, focusing on ensuring the most benefit from data creation. This especially applies within the engineering sciences, where many different sources generate big amounts of heterogeneous data. However, integrating RDM into day-to-day work is difficult. Thus, methods need to be defined to effectively and conveniently manage research [...]

Collaborative creation and management of rich FAIR metadata: Two case studies from robotics field research

Christian Backe, Veit Briken, Atefeh Gooran Orimi, et al.

2024-06-10   Data Infrastructure

This paper presents lessons learned from the creation and management of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data and metadata in two recent robotics projects, in order to derive principles and building blocks for collaborative (meta)data management in field research. First, an inventory of metadata purposes and topics is presented, distinguishing between executive metadata [...]

How to Make Bespoke Experiments FAIR: Modular Dynamic Semantic Digital Twin and Open Source Information Infrastructure

Manuel Rexer, Nils Preuß, Sebastian Neumeier, et al.

2024-06-03   Data Infrastructure, Data Sets

In this study, we apply the FAIR principles to enhance data management within a modular test environment. By focusing on experimental data collected with various measuring equipment, we develop and implement tailored information models of physical objectes used in the experiments. These models are based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and ontologies. Our objectives are to improve data [...]

Simplified Object Detection for Manufacturing: Introducing a Low-Resolution Dataset

Jonas Maximilian Werheid, shengjie he, Tobias Hamann, et al.

2024-04-30   Data Sets

Machine learning (ML), particularly within the domain of computer vision (CV), has established solutions for automated quality classification using visual data in manufacturing processes. Object detection as a CV method for quality classification provides a distinct advantage in enabling the assessment of items within the manufacturing environment regardless of their location in images. However, [...]

How to teach good research data management to next generation researchers?

Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, Frank Petzold

2024-04-11   Data Governance, Data Infrastructure, Data Literacy

These days research work is subject to comply with FAIR principles. Additionally, it is subject to the practices of Open Science. Different stakeholders e.g. DFG are setting the goals of reproducible research work. This not only requires adequate handling of data but also the record of related information and practices during the research work. In this way, different tools and workflows are being [...]

A Digital Twin Model for Distributed Systems in the Field

Atefeh Gooran Orimi, Rayen Hamlaoui, Christian Backe, et al.

2024-04-10   Data Infrastructure

Digital Twins (DTs) have received significant interest in recent years, particularly in industrial and engineering projects. Nonetheless, despite their considerable benefits, existing DTs are primarily domain-dependent and cannot be well generalized. This drawback hinders a straightforward implementation of DTs by researchers and is specifically evident when the physical twin corresponds to [...]

Data-Producing Methods in CRC 985: Recommendations for Research Data Management in Large Interdisciplinary Projects

Sonja Herres-Pawlis, Nicole Andrea Parks, Konstantin W. Kröckert, et al.

2024-03-07   Data Literacy

Within CRC 985, groups from a variety of chemical institutes, chemical engineering, physics, and the life sciences collaborate on research on microgel systems. Over a funding period of nearly 12 years, the CRC has produced numerous publications, which are associated with a large amount of underlying research data arising from many different methods. To gain a deeper understanding of this [...]

A survey on the dissemination and usage of research data management and related tools in German engineering sciences

Tobias Hamann M.Sc., Amelie Metzmacher, Patrick Mund, et al.

2024-02-28   Data Governance, Data Infrastructure, Data Literacy, Data Management Software

As the amount of collected and analysed data increases, a need for data management arises to ensure its usability. This also applies in research. This challenge can be addressed by Research Data Management (RDM), which brings clear focus on the reusability of data. To understand the status quo of the application of research data management in engineering sciences in Germany, as [...]

h5RDMtoolbox - A Python Toolbox for FAIR Data Management around HDF5

Matthias Probst, Balazs Pritz

2023-10-10   Data Management Software

Sustainable data management is fundamental to efficient and successful scientific research. The FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) have been proven to be successful guidelines to enable comprehensible analysis, discovery and re-use. Although the topic has recently gained increasing awareness in both academia and industry, the engineering sciences in particular are [...]

Job and Operation Entropy in Job Shop Scheduling: A Dataset

Marco Kemmerling, Maciej Combrzynski-Nogala, Aymen Gannouni, et al.

2023-08-28   Data Sets

The job shop problem is a highly practically relevant NP-hard problem, which has and continues to receive considerable attention in the literature. Approaches to the problem are typically benchmarked on publicly available datasets containing sets of problem instances. These problem instances are usually generated by some mechanism involving randomisation of instance properties or by maximising [...]

Challenges in publishing research data – a Fraunhofer Case Study

Andrea Wuchner, Michèle Robrecht, Pierre Kehl, et al.

2023-08-14   Data Infrastructure

Sharing of research data is becoming more and more established as part of the scientific process, triggered by corresponding requirements of research funders. A large number of subject-specific and institutional research data repositories were created as publication agents for the research data. Nevertheless, the publication processes are not yet established and need to find a way to best [...]

An Empirical Study of the State of Research Data Management in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

Dirk Ortloff, Sabrina Anger, Martin Schellenberger

2023-06-07   Data Infrastructure, Data Management Software

The paper presents insights into the situation concerning research data management (RDM) in the high-tech manufacturing industry and respective research institutions. Besides standards and guidelines, data management and its degree of formalization play a decisive role in digital transformation in all organizations. The authors of this study benefited from the opportunity arising within the [...]

Towards categorizing ethical questions in data literacy

Samira Khodaei, Anas Abdelrazeq, Ingrid Isenhardt

2023-05-12   Data Ethics, Data Literacy

Data Literacy is crucial for a sustainable engineering education [11]. In aiming to find solutions to solve future challenges, mechanical engineering has started to integrate data literacy into the higher education curriculum [13]. However, ethics are rarely considered in current frameworks. Ethics are seen as a side topic or are equated to data privacy issues [2]. Since literacy aims to empower [...]

PIA - A Concept for a Personal Information Assistant for Data Analysis and Machine Learning of Time-Continuous Data in Industrial Applications

Christopher Schnur, Tanja Dorst, Kapil Sajjan Deshmukh, et al.

2023-05-05   Data Governance, Data Literacy

A database with high-quality data must be given to fully use the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Especially in small and medium-sized companies with little experience with AI, the underlying database quality is often insufficient. This results in an increased manual effort to process the data before using AI. In this contribution, the authors developed a concept to enable inexperienced [...]

RDM Platform Coscine - FAIR play integrated right from the start

Ilona Lang, Marcel Nellesen, Marius Politze

2023-05-05   Data Infrastructure, Data Management Software

Nowadays, researchers often need to distribute their research data among a multitude of service providers with varying (if any) levels of maturity in terms of FAIR research data management (RDM). To provide researchers with a single point of access to their project data and to add a FAIR layer to already established services, the RDM platform Coscine was developed. Within Coscine different [...]