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Matching Data Life Cycle and Research Processes in Engineering Sciences

Tobias Hamann M.Sc., Michèle Robrecht, Max Leo Wawer, et al.


Collaborative creation and management of rich FAIR metadata: Two case studies from robotics field research

Christian Backe, Veit Briken, Atefeh Gooran Orimi, et al.


Simplified Object Detection for Manufacturing: Introducing a Low-Resolution Dataset

Jonas Maximilian Werheid, shengjie he, Tobias Hamann, et al.


How to teach good research data management to next generation researchers?

Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, Frank Petzold


A Digital Twin Model for Distributed Systems in the Field

Atefeh Gooran Orimi, Rayen Hamlaoui, Christian Backe, et al.