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Simplified Object Detection for Manufacturing: Introducing a Low-Resolution Dataset

Jonas Maximilian Werheid, shengjie he, Tobias Hamann, et al.

2024-04-30   Data Sets

Machine learning (ML), particularly within the domain of computer vision (CV), has established solutions for automated quality classification using visual data in manufacturing processes. Object detection as a CV method for quality classification provides a distinct advantage in enabling the assessment of items within the manufacturing environment regardless of their location in images. However, [...]

Job and Operation Entropy in Job Shop Scheduling: A Dataset

Marco Kemmerling, Maciej Combrzynski-Nogala, Aymen Gannouni, et al.

2023-08-28   Data Sets

The job shop problem is a highly practically relevant NP-hard problem, which has and continues to receive considerable attention in the literature. Approaches to the problem are typically benchmarked on publicly available datasets containing sets of problem instances. These problem instances are usually generated by some mechanism involving randomisation of instance properties or by maximising [...]